Green Diesel Engineering RSA


Based on stock 2.8CRD found in Cherokee 2003-2007


The stock Liberty CRD has decent fuel economy, but with all the recent instability in fuel prices consumers are becoming more cognizant of finding ways to reduce fuel consumption and operating expenses.

Remapping of the boost set point in normal driving and at wide open throttle (WOT) has minimized visible smoke. The fuel injection pressure has been increased at high load and higher limits set for max fuel delivery, which provide approximately 50 nm more torque from 1800-3500 rpm and an additional 22 kw at 4000 rpm. The performance data does not provide insight into real world driving feeling. However, the product reduces the 0-60 time by 1.5 seconds and this is accomplished with no increase in the smoke levels leaving the tailpipe.

Now let's look at the real world fuel economy results. The fuel economy numbers in km/l will vary from owner to owner based on driving style (conservative vs. aggressive) and the percentage mix between city and highway driving. The smoother and lighter your foot, the higher the fuel economy gains. Don't expect massive improvements if driving with a lead foot.