Green Diesel Engineering RSA


There are a few key points that need to be addressed on the CRD

      “The combination of EGR soot and CCV oil

      is the root cause of probably 75% of owner maintenance/ repair    

      issues with the Jeep CRD, and those issues can be solved

      with a few simple actions.” (Lost Jeeps)

The EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is used to reduce NOx, but at the expense of lowered fuel economy and dirty intake. This is one of the prime causes of failure of the MAP.

  1. With the tune this is completely disabled. No more dirty exhaust gasses going through your engine.

The MAP(Manifold Absolute Pressure) Sensor is the main sensor that governs ALL fuel injection, timing, boost control, etc. This is the main engine sensor, without it the ECU cannot correctly determine the injection event and the boost. This sensor needs to be kept clean.

  1. With a stock CRD the combination of oil overfill, stock CCV, and EGR will leave this sensor coated with a sooty oily mess in about 15 000 km. When the sensor is dirty the CRD will experience decreased fuel economy, decreased power, increased turbo lag, worse drivability, hesitation etc. The sensor is also delicate and care needs to be taken when cleaning, the best solution is to do the modifications to cleanup the intake path.

  2. As mentioned above, this delicate and important sensor is quickly damage by running the standard EGR. With the GDE tune neutralizing the EGR this vital component is kept as clean as possible.

The FCV(Flow Control Valve) is a valve akin to a throttle valve on a gasoline engine, in theory it is used to eliminate shudder at shutdown and during EGR operation is partially closed creating a venturi effect helping to pull exhaust gas into the intake.

  1. This has a high tendency for failure, and is a very expensive part to replace. The general consequence is that it can be disabled with little to no negative effects on the engine operations. This can be requested in the GDE tune if needed.

The EHM(Elephant Hose Modification) is where the CCV(Crank Case Vent) is rerouted from the turbo intake and vents to atmosphere. This reduces the oily mist and vapors that would otherwise normally coat the inside of our boost hoses, and CAC(Charge Air Cooler / Intercooler). If the hose is simply routed down next to the ground occasional mist and drops of oil can be seen coming from the hose. This is undesirable to some people.

  1. This isn’t a GDE tune parameter as such, but is highly recommended for all CRD owners.