Green Diesel Engineering RSA


Based on the phenomenal success of the GDE range of tunes. GDE engine tunes for Jeep CRD’s is now available in South Africa.

These ECU tunes have been reliably tested on hundreds of Jeeps. Return consistently better fuel economy whilst realistically increasing power and performance, and actually improving reliability.

All tunes are designed to stay within the various component limitations. This is NOT an add on power pack. But uses the factory ECU to deliver optimal performance.

The tune is delivered via programmer (flash) tool and is 100% custom to each specific Jeep and is fully reversible with no physical modifications done.

The tune covers 3 key sections:

Protect your engine



Welcome to GDE

GDE provides engine and transmission control unit re-programming that provides large percentage gains in fuel economy and power while maintaining a smoke-free exhaust and respect to all component limitations.